Delivering positive results where others have failed.

Whether it’s some lease advice or a turn-key solution for your network roll out, Spectrum has the expertise and skills to have your network up and running – don’t just optimise your links, optimise your property portfolio too!

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Wifi networks are almost identical to traditional Telecoms networks from a legal perspective. The agreements used (Licences, leases, temp agreements and early access agreements) are the same, and so there are a lot of cross over skills from the Telecoms industry.

One of the key differences is that Wifi network operators may not be Code Operators. Spectrum is experienced in drafting the Code Operators application and submitting this to the relevant government department on your behalf. The Code Operators application is extensive and the process can be frought with difficulties so it pays dividends to seek experienced professional advice.

Code Operator status, gives operators a range of rights such as the ability to build ‘street work’ style masts (monopoles) up to 17.5m on adopted highways land under GPDO legislation, and also affords operators the ability to stay on certain sites after Notices to Quit have been served, in some special circumstances. Email Catherine now to find out more.

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"Laura achieves great results through drive and determination combined with a personable approach and was a valuable supplier to me at LCC"

- Greg Hukins | Managing Director at Hukins Telecom Ltd

Case Study: Central London ‘Black Sites’ acquisition

Laura Rafferty-Trow

Acquisitions Manager.

  • BSc Hons
  • Telecoms & Renewables
  • Acquisition and Build Co-ordinator


Client: Central London Wireless Broadband company.


Project Scope: Acquisition of 'black'sites in central London


Activities: Finding and acquiring sites for the clients network in central London areas which had already been searched unsuccessfully by two or, in some cases, three firms of agents previously. Laura was Spectrum’s lead on this project which also involved MSV’s, design/ structural visits, negotiating HoTs and liaising with the client’s solicitor, Licence Notifications, GPDO and Full planning applications.

Where we added value: Spectrum took on the sites where others had failed and delivered positive results including gaining a planning permission in a Conservation Area in Westminster, which was also an operational TFL site. Spectrum was effectively and in house acquisition team for a supplier of the client, and completed all acquisition and planning tasks, reporting directly to the client. Such was Spectrum’s success that Laura was also to step into the breach when a member of their team left. Laura fulfilled the role of Build co-ordinator ensuring that all of the essential pre build tasks such as REC were completed on time, arranging site accesses and ensuring all road closure submissions were completed, and reporting back to the client directly.

Case Study: Rural Wifi Network Roll Out

Laura Rafferty-Trow

Acquisitions Manager.

  • BSc Hons
  • Telecoms & Renewables
  • Acquisition

Catherine Rattray

Senior Partner

  • LLB (Hons)
  • Principle & Founder
  • Solicitor


Client: Rural Broadband provider in North Lincolnshire


Activities: Initially Spectrum was engaged to progress the legal completion of sites which had stalled or which lacked the correct documentation. Spectrum then became involved in finding and acquiring new sites, and offering an end to end managed service from acquisition to legal completion. Catherine has also completed the client’s Code Powers application.

Where we added value: Spectrum expedited the legal completion process by at least two fold and increased the quality of the documents provided to the client. The site acquisition service provided by Spectrum has allowed the client to concentrate on its core business and the acquisition process and documentation has been improved dramatically. Catherine and Laura have both provided advice on legal, planning, process and commercial aspects of network acquisition and management and Catherine has provided specialist advice and services for the client’s Code Powers application which will give them extra powers regarding tenure, site sharing and also planning applications.