Spectrum always use experienced solicitors & trained agents

Spectrum has wealth of experience dealing with upgrades for the ‘Big 4’ licensed operators. Over the past 5 years Spectrum has completed over 1,000 lease reviews.

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Spectrum uses experienced, solicitor trained agents, and even our in house legal team, to complete the lease reads so you can be assured of the highest quality. Much of the reporting and administration is automated so high volumes can be recorded quickly, but without compromising accuracy.

Our friendly and organised admin team ensures all reads are reported accurately and that the correct acquisition letters are issued to site providers.

Spectrum’s agents are friendly, informative and organised when it comes to MSV’s, ensuring safe working at all times and on all types of sites. Our team are an exemplary ambassadors for your brand.

By complementing our agents with a dedicated admin support team the agents can concentrate on what they’re good at, in the knowledge that high quality letters are going to the site providers and high quality AHOPs are sent to the client.

Spectrum’s team are used to working as Small Work’s Contractors (SWCs) and we are adept at setting up your email addresses, email signatures and gaining access to your reporting software and internal drives so that we can work seamlessly as part of your company.

Our team can report in ADC, SOL, ISite, Mobitrack and are well versed in file sharing via VPN, FTP, SFTP, Dropbox and Livedrive. All our agents and admin staff are Excel literate and also proficient in the art of the conference call.

Call us now on 08455 195 295 to find out how we can help to deliver your project.

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Recommending Laura is easy. In the workplace Laura demonstrates a very strong will to get
the job done with both technical skill and a tenacious but likeable attitude. When working with
Laura I have confidence matters will run smoothly and to plan and that she will provide a
realistic and honest assessment of the situation in hand.

- Steven Evans | Senior Acquisition Surveyor at WHP Projects Ltd