Spectrum is uniquely placed to represent Hotel Groups.

We already work with Hilton Worldwide, Axcel Group and McGrath Group providing an end to end service, generating new tenancies and managing the existing estate to Best Practice standards. We work on a cost-neutral basis, with no ongoing retainer. As we bill solely on success (except for on a few, rare occasions where our clients request ad hoc/ out of scope advice) we are extremely driven to increase the revenue opportunities for our clients.
Our team are already well known in the Telecoms industry, having spent years acquiring sites for operators, and the 'poacher turned gamekeeper' approach means we can head off any tricks of the trade from tenants and their agents/ contractors etc. Our firm but fair approach to Estates Management means that bills are paid by tenants quickly and that access requests from multiple different contractors are funneled through a single point of contact - leaving your FM team to concentrate on keeping your hotel 'spic n span' for your guests.

Our team also understands the, sometimes complex, relationship between hotels and building owners via management agreements and head leases. We're fully versed in negotiating deals and then making these happen via the existing stakeholder approval processes, or via novel ones. Our service is not confirned to the UK either, we are conversant with the operators, industry and commercial/ regulatory environment across EMEA.Hotel GM’s are sometimes reticent to offer these sorts of tenancies on their rooftops, as they can be difficult to manage and the tenants negotiate aggressively. Spectrum has been employed by Hilton to manage the negotiations and the lifetime of the tenancy, end to end, to ensure you get the best rental income, that reflects the market value or greater, and also to ensure that the tenant behaves during their occupation.

So far we have:

·         Implemented a standard access procedure for Hilton hotels that all tenants must adhere to

·         Managed accesses on all UK rooftop tenancies to reduce work for GMs and FMs

·         Gained many new tenancies, totalling over £2million in revenue

·         Managed lease renewals

·         Negotiated higher rents on existing tenancies

·         Worked with Hilton Legal to create a new German Legal Lease Precedent

·         Implemented Health and Safety audits of all rooftop tenancies (paid for by the tenants)

·         Provided acquisition and legal support on contentious issues

·         Provided information and support to GMs and FMs

·         Negotiated terms on non BAU projects such as In-Building/DAS systems and rooftop solar

We recover our fees from the tenants, so there is no upfront costs for the Hotels. Whenever we are successful for you on a new lease or increased rent review we ask for a one off payment of 10% of the first years rent – which is only 1% of the overall rent on a 10 year agreement! Why not take advantage of this premium service to maximise the value of your hotel property assets?

For more information you can click on the button below, or why not speak to our friendly team today on 08455 195 295 Alternatively you can email us at:

hilton@specrealestate.com/ laura@specrealestate.com