Spectrum and Hilton Worldwide

Spectrum is a proud strategic partner of Hilton Worldwide. Spectrum is charged with managing Hilton's Rooftop and Greenfield portfolio for telecoms, broadband and radio tenancies across EMEA. Spectrum's role includes (but is not limited to):

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  • Managing ongoing tenancies
  • Responding to access requests
  • Responding to requests to alter and upgrade equipment
  • New tenancy requests
  • Actively marketing the estate to encourage new tenancies
  • Exploring In Building/ DAS solutions for hotel coverage

If you would like to discuss how you can access any of the above opportunities please email hilton@specrealestate.com or call 08455 195 295. We are keen to engage with telecoms, broadband, 'alt-net',  radio and broadcast providers and Hilton Worldwide have a large and diverse portfolio of properties across the UK and EMEA that is available on flexible terms.

Please follow the links for corporate information on Hilton Worldwide or visit Hilton Worldwide Website.

Spectrum's Dedicated Team

  • Kieran Robertson has recently joined the Hilton Team at Spectrum .
  • Kieran will be providing support to Laura and is now dealing with all access requests and also learning the ropes on site visits.
  • For accesses, MSVs and all site visits please email kieran.robertson@specrealestate.com