Renewable Technology

Spectrum has extensive knowledge of the Renewable Energy Sector and Catherine Rattray has gained further qualifications in this industry and is now classed as a Renewable Energy Consultant this is in addition to her legal qualifications.  Having studied crowd funding, financial modelling and carbon management means the experience in Spectrum is over and above that to be found elsewhere in the market.

The acquisition and legal experience in this field gives you a stellar combination of knowledge, commercial acumen and project management skills that we can now offer to anyone in the renewable industry.

Whatever scale of project you’re embarking on in wind, solar or biomass we have the acquisition and legal skills to protect your interests and valuable assets. We can also offer a range of ancillary services such as:

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Project Management

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Feasibility Studies

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Grid connection budget and formal G59 applications

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Planning studies and applications

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Contract and warranty scrutiny, performance bonds and project build out

Spectrum are your Go-To advisors when it comes to renewables projects. Our team have many years of projects under their belts, working together successfully for both developer and landlord clients. As developers in our own right we have an unrivalled understanding of what it takes to get a renewable project off the drawing board and through to completion.

Spectrum’s consultants are ‘technology agnostic’, which means that they understand the benefits and pitfalls of a wide range of renewable energy and low carbon technologies so they can provide objective professional advice. We do not sell renewables technology so we have no agenda to push on you.

Feasibility Studies

A thorough feasibility study could save you thousands of pounds by avoiding potentially pursuing the wrong sort of technology in the wrong location. Our feasibility service is flexible, we can offer a high volume of less detailed ‘desktop’ reports for developers seeking to assess batches of sites against specific criteria or in depth analyses where, perhaps, a technology hasn’t been selected for a particular site yet.

**NEW** We also offer this service to interested rural community groups and can help you apply for funding to cover our costs under the Rural Community Energy Fund Stage 1 Grant.

Preliminary Grid Connection Investigations

We include this analysis in our desktop and detailed feasibility report above, but it is also available as a standalone service.

Pre Planning Advice

Our team can draft the sort of pre-planning advice requests that get you the quality answers and information required from your Local Planning Authority to allow you to make the best decisions for you project. Our team can work with the Planning Officer to explore what options have the best chance of success at a given location and/or use the advice to shape the development so it has the highest likelihood of gaining approval.

Land Acquisition

Spectrums surveyors and agents have sourced and acquired land for a wide range of projects. From those initial landlord contacts to negotiating and finalizing the Heads of Terms, our team build solid relationships with landowners based on fair deals, and can manage that relationship throughout the lifetime of the project.

Legal Agreements and Leases

Whatever tenure you want to acquire or dispose of your site on, our legal team can help. Whether you want to lease or sell land to a renewables developer, or you are that developer and want to lease, buy sites or JV with Land Owners, our Solicitors have the experience to make that happen.

Planning Applications

Our team has been successful in gaining planning permission for a range of renewable technologies and sizes of project. We offer full application services or specialist advice to complement your existing team.

Grid Connection Applications, Offers and Acceptance

Grid connections are an essential part of any renewables project requiring electricity (rather than heat). Our team have successfully applied for and managed the connection process with various Distributed Network Operators (DNO’s).

On-shore Wind

Spectrum has a wide variety of legal, acquisition and feasibility skills for landowners or developers pursuing small, medium or large scale wind projects.

Spectrum has acquired a large amount of experience and knowledge through its own wind projects and now you can benefit from this experience.

Battery Storage

Spectrum has been involved in the Battery Energy Storage industry for several years. We have acquired our own pipeline of 125mws of Battery Storage projects, which we hope to begin building out in 2020, under our EnStor brand.

If you’re contemplating investing in Battery Storage, or you’re an existing developer looking for specialist advice or extra capacity please call 08455 195 295 and have a chat with Laura or Catherine.

Here is a video of a completed 500kw Wind Turbine project in East Yorkshire. Spectrum acquired the site and completed the legals before the site was sold to a developer to build out. If you would like to find out how we can help with your renewables projects please call 08455 195 295.