Renewables and Energy Project Services

Site Acquisition:

Our team of experienced agents and surveyors can source and qualify sites for any type for renewable or circular economy project; from behind the meter storage to oil form waste, CCGT to battery storage.

Our team is well versed in appraising potential sites based on proximity to grid connections, site size and type, likelihood of obtaining planning permission and have excellent interpersonal skills to strike up good relationships with potential site Providers.

Planning Permission:

We have experience gaining planning permission for many types of infrastructure from Telecoms Masts to 50mw Battery storage Projects. Our team’s approach is to research each site thoroughly, addressing policy concerns rather than arguing them and proposing solutions and compromises with the LPA where viable to ensure the success of the team.

We have a small number of specialist consultants who we work with regularly for environmental an ancillary reports or we are happy to work with your preferred suppliers.

Legal Documents:

Our practice is the only team in the UK to have both solicitors and surveyors working hand in glove on the same matters. We can acquire sites, negotiating from our own document templates or produce a specific suite of document templates which are specific to your project. This may include:

·         NDA’s

·         Memorandums of understanding

·         Exclusivity agreements

·         Heads of Terms

·         Options or Agreements For Lease

·         Leases

Business Cases:

Our team can help you construct a business case taking into account all of the potential costs and revenues associated with your project. Whether that’s a small scale generating plant on your farm or home or whether you are an aspiring energy infrastructure developer. Producing a business case can be laborious and is certainly specialist. Our team can conduct technical research and company due diligence and market assessments so that you know whether your project is worth investing in.

Financial Viability Reviews:

Out team have seen literally hundreds of sets of figures, both from our own and our clients’ developments. We’ve been sent spreadsheets ranging from the sensible to the downright misleading, and everything in between. We can spot potential pitfalls and anomalies in data quickly, which can prevent embarrassing questions from potential funders or investors.

We are happy to help structure the financial data to ensure that all variable are covered, IRR’s are as expected for the type of project and industry and assess the true financial viability of energy infrastructure projects with reference to predicted yields, payback periods and risk.

To start a conversation and find out how we can help on your project please call 01653 69 22 97 and speak to Laura. You can also email us: